Sunday, November 29, 2020


Soweto, South Africa

Corna Sotra is a fresh new platform for creativity and pushing social awareness 
of local businesses and local brands LOCALLY. khona'e sotra

Statement from Corna Sotra Founders: 
(This statement was made during Winter 2020)

Life has never been easy for us as a black community that we know and experience on a daily, however, we as Corna Sotra LifeStyle prefer being solution based. 
We believe that some if not all of the issues we face in our community can be easily tackled when we work in a unitary manner. 
The topic on electricity for one. We complain to the service provider (Eskom) for giving us a bad service and all. In this time and age are we really fixing our eyes on one 
electricity service provider to keep our lights on? 
With all the great minds we meet at the Corna we know that our brothers and sister are qualified and highly recommended to tackle such situations. The Towers in Orlando is a given for us. Since we can't meet at the Corna for now, let's meet on social platforms and provide solutions
 for our everyday challenges.


Corna Sotra Lifestyle sessions take place
on the 1st week of each month in Molapo Soweto

Check out their Facebook page for more information: 

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