Saturday, October 31, 2020


Soweto, South Africa
I really did slack there in the end jumping one or two days, but that is 
the thing with these challenges they are just hard but we fail forward. I had goals when #Blogtober began let us have a look to see if they were achieved. 

1. Get My ish together (here I mean stop procrastinating time is not on my side, I'm for real here)
Got a lot done in my private life and actually here on the blog. 

2. BLOG daily since it's BLOGTOBER
I did achieve this in a way 28 posts up other than 31 
not too bad.

3. Upload 3 video's weekly on YouTube I would like to reach 1 500 subbies (please subscribe) 
(A girl can dream right?!)
I didn't achieve this but uploaded more videos than
 usual since the year began. Watch time up, gained like 18 subbies. 

4. Get to 900 000 pageviews, upload frequently on Instagram and try engaging more on Twitter.  
I'm 14 000 shy of achieving this goal, didn't engage much 
on Instagram and i tried with Twitter but that towards the end of the month. 

5. Start getting out into the world (I've been self-isolating for too long)
when I say get out to the world I mean take a walk, go the store more frequently
 I'm talking baby steps HERE. 
I actually did, I went out with actual people only once though, baby steps. 

6. Wash My Natural Hair Weekly (as in not neglecting my hair, it's extremely dry, everyone is like porosity porosity wtf is THAT)
Didn't achieve this, I'm actually on a 2 week frequency it's better for me, for now.

7. Be more present (aka use phone for blog related things only)
I didn't achieve this as I was blogging frequently
 I was on my phone more, need to create a schedule.  

Some numbers for October 
(will start posting this monthly, just to compare growth and all)

Total pageviews : 17 098
Facebook page likes:  2196
Twitter: 11 800 
Instagram 10  214

4 PR drops
0 campaign offers 
Adsense : R97
1 Giveaway

See you soon

Thank you for reading my blogtober posts



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