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Soweto, South Africa
 In a first for Pongrácz, the winning #PongraczBoldPrint of the Year
 in collaboration with the multi-talented Sir Abner, 
was showcased in a virtual fashion show on 23 September live via the Pongrácz facebook page.
The collection entitled “Casablanca Skies, Le King des Townships” 2020/2021 
 featured some of Sir Abner’s latest work that pushes the boundaries with strong design language which uses different outlets as “bi-products” 
to communicate meta-narrative ideologies into new thoughts.

Sir Abner is the artistic director, textile print and graphic designer for David Tlale Couture, 
and now the creative director of his own creative agency, Application Form. 
In his solo collection he seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate people to think differently 
and his transitional collection expresses his love for unexplored South African sub-cultures 
especially the ones of his home-grown town of Pretoria known as “Pitori”.

Inspired by the music of Mujava and Dj Spoko  who created a sound known as Bacardi House 
music that was populated by local taxis in the townships and made its way to the global house music 
scene by storm and it would later influence so  
many urban truly South African popular music genres today.

This together with his grandmother, his creative muse, Sir Abner’s work weaves preppy classics, 
the street wear movement and raw and tailored silhouettes of Amapantsula, 
mixing edgy contemporary messaging in the form of metaphors, puns and juxtapositions. 
Not to mention one of the first few documentations of “Pitori” lifestyle and influence on pop culture, 
putting emphasis on the notion of this concept by 
boasting influences from the real-life character of Warren Masemola 
who is from Pretoria and is also one of the first artist in his craft to follow in these footsteps 
and is genuinely a real “Mokakati” in Sir Abner's opinion.
His ingenious reinvention of Argyle check knit into graphic prints,
 influences of Dickies khakis and worn by Amapantsula and extended in material applications and garment style-ups, create new textures and an over-all fresh feel for menswear. 

This collection is meant to feel more like a “hyper-sampler's” 
artistic expressions that are informed by the lingo, dance moves, lifestyle motifs, uniform attires and individualistic mannerism of the wearer, 
right down to the names given to the pieces in the collection.
Sir Abner extends the creative spectrum of this notion by collaborating on a remix 
that features himself on the vocals produced 
by internationally acclaimed Portuguese DJ and Electronic Afro house music producer Djeff and dear friend for Application Form trait-marked.
Sir Abner says, “this collection seeks to aspire to the ideals of celebrating the art of a “Mokakti” 
on a global approach to ‘pop culture’ to redefine it's narrative  
and document the persona of these figures
 to make direct perception awareness to that of the globally glorified sex, drugs, alcohol and cult driven lifestyles of rock stars throughout western history and the rest of the world. 

More than anything to tell the stories
 of these versions of teen spirit in South Africa.”
In a collaboration with Pongrácz, Sir Abner designed the Bold Print of the Year
 which after a selection and judging 
process was revealed earlier this month with the wining print, “The Populist”.
The winning design is inspired by postal art and correspondence art which 
was a populist artistic movement 
centred around sending small scale works through the postal service. 

He created a code through design – EOIC 3ULD – which when folded upwards translates to BOLD, 
reflecting the pioneering spirit of Desiderius Pongrácz. Sir Abner transformed the military camouflage
 print which symbolises comradery and bravery, into black and white, and 
infused the design with the truly South African Shangaan Bag 
which represents hope, courage and optimism.

Thank you @jigsawpr  for the press-release
@Pongracz_SA @sir.abner @applctn_frm
#PongraczBySirAbner #PongraczBoldPrint #BeBoldButBeResponsible

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