Monday, October 5, 2020


Soweto, South Africa

So I really love blogging and dove into it as a way to escape, 
from pressures of my everyday life. 
Blogging found me at my emptiest and gave me an outlet to share my 
creative side. 

Throughout the years, the blogging landscape has changed I would 
say for the better because who knew that sharing your thoughts on 
on products could get you coins.
I'm always ever so grateful to the girls that came-up after me
and blew up the industry because we are now getting paid because of them (HEY(",))

Well if you don't know what this blog is about let me tell you, 
it is about sharing everyday beauty, it being life"style", affordable beauty
meaning if it found in the township I will most likely review/feature it, food and my love for it. 
I would love to dive into the lifestyle part but this year I will not, rona is 
still out there and I'm not taking chances
 (p.s. I'm not living in fear I'm just recognizing realities). 

For the rest of 2020 I will be mainly focusing on Beauty related content (my first love)
 sharing tutorials and everything. Before I forget I am participating in #projectpan for this 
duration and using make-up products I already have because stores are not allowing 
swatches and all which is understandable. I will still be buying skincare, and all just
not make-up.

The more I write the less anxious I become, I like that. 

See you in tomorrow's post.



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