Friday, October 2, 2020

Call Me Miss Sinusitis - BLOGTOBER DAY 2

Soweto, South Africa
My first memory of feeling like my nose is stuffy is probably my 
first ever memory with a conscious mind, I remember not being able to breathe 
and it not just not one of those happy memories. 

If you live with someone with sinusitis then you would know that their sneeze and 
blowing of their nostrils is one of the most uncomfortable things ever, it's horrible 
especially from May till April basically it's all year round, because if it is not dust then
it is pollen, the dry air, pets and all.

Some products/items I use to fight my daily sinus and congestion are: 

1. Humidifier with oils
2. Sprays
3. Saline solution (that potty to the nostril method which is quite effective)
4. Vapor Rub, when it gets hectic to the point of me not being able to breathe
5. most recently *Vitaforce Olbas Inhalant Oil. (SHOP: HERE)

I just don't see myself doing surgery on my sinusitis however I'm not ruling it off in the future. 
For now the above solutions help.

See you soon



*Vitaforce Olbas Inhalant Oil was sent for pr consideration.

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