Saturday, April 18, 2020

My Biggest Blogging Obstacles


I can confidently say that I'm my own worst enemy in more ways than one.
Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in Eat Pray Love, 'I have actively participated in every decision of my life", then why do I feel so lost and so bad about it. 
It could be the self-loather in me you can check 
out the enneagram to find out which which personality type you are. 
I'm a type 4 by the way.
Being a type 4 personality that I am, I have find it deep within myself to get out 
of the self loathing state and to actually work hard on the blog and other social media's that I 
have because I'm an individualist and working really hard is what I do. 


Since the lockdown, I find myself doing the same task day in and out and not finding the time to 
blog. The daily tasks would be cleaning, cooking, making sure the family is taken care off then cleaning again. I totally think time is there for me to blog but I'm being selfish and spending it with family and watching TV which was great until the lockdown was extended then bells 
went off in my head (as in will I make it till September with the resources I have).

There was a time I could sit down 3 to 5 hours take pictures, create blogposts 
and even film a few YouTube video
in one go and I would like to get back to that now since I have all the time 
in the world to do it.


When I began this blog it used to be my way of escaping from the world and the world changes daily
and I now have to incorporate that because as much as the blog is an escape I'm at an age where
I can no longer escape reality which is a great thing I just need to find the balance. 

If you know me personally you would know that
I'm very quite and these are some of the things that just go through my head
every now and then. 

Times are changing and Time does not wait 
for no man. 

See you soon, 



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