Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector Dual Serum Review

Soweto, South Africa
Good morning, serums are an essential part of a morning or evening routine because
of their higher concentration of product that they have, whether it being an
anti-aging or moisture adding it is the good stuff and you need it.

On todays post I will be doing a review of the
*Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector Dual Serum 

The claim: 
Effectively reduces dark spot and prevents their re-appearance, 
with regular use. Renews skin’s look.
A dual-action serum with Thiamidol® and concentrated Hyaluronic Acid 
for even and radiant skin

The product:
The serum comes in a slick transparent packaging th at gives an illusion
that the product can be seen from within. 
The bottle carries two serums, Thiamidol proven to reduce dark marks, and 
Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid one of skin’s most effective moisturising substances 
helps skin to attract and retain moisture. 

At first try the pump might not squirt out both products in one pump, 
but you will need to give it a good shake then the product will
come out going forward. 

The verdict: 
Skincare for me is doing what is best for your skin, to prevent and reduce certain 
problems that come with the everyday life whether that is fine lines,
dark marks and hyper-pigmentation 
and consistency when using products is key to seeing results. 
Also some products will work well for your skin and others will not and that is the catch. 

The Eucerin Even Pigment Perfector Dual Serum is a great serum and a little does go along way, 
I don't suffer from major hyper-pigmentaion just dark marks left by a pimple or three that and
a reduce in their appearance has been noted.
The serum is not on the major moisturising side but I suggest if you have dry skin like
me to go on and also use the Eucerin Day Cream SPF30 in this range. 


Thank you for reading today's post. 

See you soon. 



*Product reviewed was sent to for PR consideration.

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