Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Sandton, South Africa
Hey guys, hope you are well this evening I got to attend the Mr Price Home 2019 
Winter Collection Event.
It was held at the Mr Price Home Store in Sandton City. 
When I got there around 6.30pm the shop was still opened as most shops at the
 mall close around 9pm. 
We where served cheese and wine plus a few appetizers. 

I used to work in Sandton City and I never thought that one day 
I would attend an event where I got to drink
some wine while shopping at for the latest trends at Mr Price Home.

Mr Price Home held an intimate session with some of their loyal shoppers as they got to unveil
their latest winter collection, at first glance I thought it would be earthy tone but nope, 
we are in a Coral and Velvet season
and my thoughts (how different). 
There are navy blue velvet pillows that I have been eyeing and I think
it is now the perfect time for me to get some color. 

SHOP : HERE (opens in new tab)

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon. 



*thank you Mr Price Home for the invite

Monday, April 29, 2019

Mommy Monday | Wash Day with PURITY

Soweto, South Africa
Hey Mommies, hope all is well and okay.
Last week there was no posts because I'm trying to change the blog direction and there are alot of factors involved so please be patient with me.
so without wasting any of your time let us jump straight into this weeks post.

Rubybox sent over a huge *PURITY pack a few weeks back and I just wanted to
 share with you how I use each product.
Seat back and enjoy.

My babies wash routine is pretty simple and then there are days when I like going
 extra and those days are when I wash her hair.

I normally was Asanda's Hair twice weekly so I thought that I should share the routine using the products that were sent to me by PURITY.
She has her own conditioner oil water solution  that I use on the daily to make sure her hair
 is always soft and easy to comb out, this
makes it easy for me to untie her hair during wash days. Today to wash her hair
 I'm using the Purity Detangling Baby Shampoo
a little goes a long way and the shampoo is not that drying however I will still
 recommend that you go in with a conditioner after.
While she is still in her bath I like to comb out her hair then tie it there while it is still damp and while she is also pre-occupied with her toys, then I apply
some baby oil to her hair. 
That's is it.

After doing Asanda's hair I like to go in and use the Purity Special Baby Shampoo to wash her body, the shampoo is not heavily scented
however it does create a lot foam which I like.
Once she is dried up I like going in with a bit of baby oil and some aqueous cream and because it is winter now and she is at that crawling and walking age I like
going in with some petroleum jelly especially on the knee area.
If you are an extra Mom like me then these 3 extra items will be an essential in your self-care kit.

PURITY Stretch Mark Cream, Nipple Cream and Insect Repellent
I will do a post on them in the coming future. 

Have an awesome day. 



Sunday, April 21, 2019

Weekend Reading & Watching

Soweto, South Africa

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”
― Barack Obama



See you soon



Saturday, April 20, 2019

YouTube | Quick Tutorial I Can Only Hope

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, one thing that I know when it comes to
content creation is that when comes to YouTubing
it is not as easy.
I'm currently working on upgrading my software and last night when I tried to purchase
my card was not enabled for online banking in 2019 (I KNOW RIGHT)
I apologize in advance that the quality will still be sub-standard
for only April I promise.

Overall I'm happy with the content that I'm producing I know
it's a bit far off but your girl is being consistent.

Today I have a tutorial for you and I hope that you enjoy it
as much as I enjoyed creating it.




Friday, April 19, 2019

Instagram Quotes For April

Soweto, South Africa

Hey guyzies, Good Friday 2019 came unprepared as I feel
like now more than ever my faith is being tested.

As I go in this journey of self discovery at 29 years old
I find my self being given a lot of aaaha moments.

Hope that your Easter Weekend gives you nothing but
true revelations.

See you soon.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

YouTube | Perfect Brow Styling Duo Review & Demo

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, hope your well and okay. 
The week is almost coming to an end and today I have a short and mini review for you up on the YouTube Channel and it is the Avon Perfect Brow Styling Duo I bought sometime 
in December and never got around to using it. 

I have a few concerns take a look at the review. 
Do have a great day further. 


Zanele Mondi

Monday, April 15, 2019


Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, hope your well and okay.
Well my initial Monday post got delayed so since this
vlog was ready to go live I'm like
let me push it through for today.

I promise future posts will not be short like this one.
But it's a Monday I hope you can understand.

Please see my vlog (",)
Please do like share and subscribe.

See you soon.



Sunday, April 14, 2019

Weekend Reading & Watching

Soweto, South Africa
“Be like a duck, paddling and working very hard inside the water, 
but what everyone sees is a smiling and calm face.” 
― Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom



Have a blessed week further. 

See you soon


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Beauty Event | Beauty Revolution 2019

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, hope all is well and okay.
The amount of pictures in this post are just ridiculous but I wanted for you to
see everything that I saw and did.

I first heard of Beauty Revolution (a beauty convention held in Sandton Convention Center  6th and 7th April ) event on radio, when one of
the event organizers was doing a radio interview on YFM
and I was like BeautyCon (A beauty convention held every year in the States and UK) is that you?
I then checked their site and Instagram pages for
more information and I saw their line up and I was like yeap.
This is it, this event I'm most definitely going to.

I kept an eye out on their Instagram page for specials and all.
Then they said if you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Instagramer you can
apply for a media pass which I did and I got it a week before the event.

I wanted to make sure that I arrived really early on the Saturday, because that is what I like
to do when I go to any event, you know just to take
pictures and stuff before everyone else gets there and that's what I did I'm sure
I arrived at like 9am and it was not that busy except for like the SwiitchBeauty stand (they were busy
throughout the whole day selling products #amazing)

When I tell you that the pictures that I took do not do justice to the set up that was there.
every brand that I mostly enjoy within the drugstore realm was there.
Their set up was just beautiful, and well thoughtout, my expectations
were meet and exceeded guys.

What I can maybe add for next years event is the following:

An announcer especially for masterclasses and main events on stage,
if there was one I did not see/hear it.
Can we also get the main stage at the convention center, so we can see all
the brands thoroughly and because as the day
went on  crowds grew and there was a bit of minimal space. (I'm sure even the brands themselves
would want to have some chairs within their display area so that they can have
a place were they can demo their products to their consumers)
More chairs at the main stage because the discussions/talks that were
there needed to be heard thoroughly as they were very engaging and I learned a lot.

Overall I'm really happy that we as the beauty community
have an event like this and oh oh oh the amount of influencers/bloggers/youtubers that
I met on the day was really awesome.
 I will mention a few VONGAI, YOLZCHANNEL, SARA LANGA,
ILOVEMELMO, SANESH and my girl who
I was chilling with the whole day VANESSA.

Overall I was a very happy girl in make-up heaven.

See you soon


You Are Invited | An epic Easter Egg hunt!

Soweto, South Africa
 No Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt, right? But the one we have planned is going to be a tad more rewarding than finding a couple of chocolate treats…

Our digital Easter egg hunt will take place between 19 and 22 April and gives Theme Park visitors the chance to win a share of R70 000 in cash and prizes.

Guests simply need to download the Easter app on arrival, solve the nine clues, find and then photograph all the Easter eggs hidden in the Theme Park in order to complete the hunt.

The first 150 visitors that find all the eggs each day will receive a set of headphones valued at over R100. Those who do not make the first 150 spots will all receive a small token of appreciation for playing.

All participants will be entered into the draw for R10 000 in CASH, which will take place on Monday 22 April in Town Square at 16h30.

So get to Gold Reef City this Easter weekend and join the Big Dash for Easter Cash!


*The above communication was submitted by EclipsePR 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Revlon Shoot The Moon Collection Swatches | First Impressions

Soweto, South Africa
Some Revlon Super Lustrous Matte & Metallic - R119

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Lacquer
Hey guyzies, it's a Friday whoop whoop and I thought that 
I should do a quick lipswatch video for you. 

The *Revlon Super Lustrous (Lip Lacquer (4), Matte (8) and Metallic (4)) 
Limited Edition shades launched month-end March 2019 
and all that I see in my timeline are beautiful artistic make-up renditions done
but some of our favourite YouTubers. 
Check out the Revlon Insta page for more information - HERE
On my side I share with you swatches of all the limited edition shades. 

Price: R119 and you can shop them online through Zando 
(HERE) - https://www.zando.co.za/Revlon/ (opens in new tab)

Please do check out my YouTube Page 
and make sure you are subscribed for future uploads. 

See you soon. 


*The Revlon Shoot The Moon Collection was sent by Revlon SA for PR consideration

Thursday, April 11, 2019

On My Nails | SugaPlumSpa Nails

Hey guyzies, hope you are well today and I'm starting my first official post for this week
with a nail brand from Soweto called SugaPlumSpa. 
They reached out to me and I said for sure not only because they are local
but I have been following their great
work on Instagram plus their prices are affordable.

SugaPlumSpa is Soweto based mobile Nail and Spa Bar,
owned by Glodine Ndhlovu.
They cater to individuals and businesses around Gauteng and soon
they will be venturing around other provinces aswell.
Some of SugaPlumSA previous work
They have a host of promotions currently running, you can check out their
 Facebook Page for more details -https://web.facebook.com/sugaplumspa/
You can also contact them on the numbers below. 
📱 0618830021 (Call & Whaatsapp)
📧 info@suga-plum.co.za

Thank you so much SugaPlumSpa for your hospitality. 

I will most definitely be seeing you soon. 



Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Where Have I Been | On Sick Leave

Hey guyzies I really do apologize for not communicating with you that I'm taking some sick leave,
however it was very abrupt as I found myself being hospitalized.
The situation around what happened is very sensitive and I cannot share with you
 anything in the time being.

I have a major announcement on my next post.

Stay tuned.


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