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Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys I wanted to do an "APRIL IN REVIEW" post however I have a lot of things that I wanted to catch-up on and I'm like that will wait however I'm really glad that the post frequency is picking up again, when we compare that to what I was posting back in Jan and Feb. 

This week will be filled with a lot of reviews and without wasting any 
of your time let's jump straight into one. 

Beaucience is not a new brand to me I have been using their cleansing facewash for a while, 
but they are new on the blog (will review the cleanser this week aswell) 
and I thought that I should do a post sharing with
you some of the products I have been using on baby Asanda from Beaucience Baby
The Claim:
I took the following extract from their website as it explains the brand best:
Beaucience (pronounced “bo-si-ance”) is a proudly South African, Professional Skin Care Brand
 specifically focusing on using natural formulations and organic ingredients where possible. 
With the combination of the unique peptide ingredients Proteasyl PW, 
derived from the pea plant and essential oils – the result is a kind, yet direct approach 
to ageing for men and women.

The product: 
I received the Beaucience Baby Head to Toe Wash 220ml retail R62.99 and Barrier Cream R64.99, 
the Head to Toe Wash claims to be high moisture, non irritancy and tearless formula conditions 
skin and hair. Gently cleansing hair and body without removing natural moisture from skin giving 
baby's skin the best possible loving care. The Barrier cream claims the following "specifically 
formulated to help protect baby's diaper area against irritation and to soothe baby's tender skin.
Includes zinc oxide to help prevent chafing and enhance the natural healing process."
My Experience: 
Since having a baby I have been more skeptical of the products that I use because babies have
really sensetive skin and are just generally sensetive to alot of things, sound, smell and all.
When I got Beaucience Baby products I was really intrigued cause the barrier cream contained 
no over powering smell and I was happy with that cause alot of barrier creams tend to have that over-powering fragrance smell which can get to me some time. 
The barrier cream contains marula oil and chamomil. 

On Use the barrier cream applies thick and white, a little most def goes a longway and you can get
a whole months worth of application and with the price I'm happy. 
The downside with using fragrance free
 comes when the baby does number 2 and you wish to cover that smell, lol which will make the product great for babies between 0-6 months because they haven't been introduced to solids yet. 

The Head to Toe Wash also has that gentle chamomile smell which I'm happy with. On use 
I just pour it in the babies bath and use it that way. Because I use oils to bathe the baby I also thought that the wash wouldn't work however it does and here also a little goes a long way. 
A little squirt (depending on the size of the bath ((I use the standard baby bath)) will do just fine because thew ash has a thick consistency. 

My Verdict:
Overall I'm pretty happy with how the products performed and also happy with the price. 
If you are on the market for super affordable natural products for your baby, these ones are for you. 

If you would like for me to review more baby stuff here on the blog please do say, cause this 
is a new feature that I would like to make more regular. 

If you made it this far, you are Awesome. 


See you soon



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