Friday, April 6, 2018

FOTD | Affordable Blue Eyes

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, in a quest on sharing affordable everything this year, 
 I'm sharing with you a look that has been trending on social media, 
who would have thought that in 2018 we would be calling blue eyes a trend.

So the eyeshadow palette I used is this one (see the posts on the following link
New In | Colours by Foschini Eyeshadow & Blush Set and you can see the eyeshadow swatches on the following link - Colors by Foschini Eyeshadow Review )

Make-up Details Used
 1. LA Girl Primer
2. POND'S BB Cream
3. LA Girl Foundation
4. Essence Foundation Powder to set my foundation
5. LA Girl Concealers (Orange, Fawn, Dark Cocoa)
6. Yardley Absolute Translucent Powder
7. Foschini Colours Eyeshadow
7. Avon Setting 

I'm really getting back to the swing of wearing make-up next stop


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