Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's In My Hospital Bag?

Happy Saturday, just thought that I should do this post today cause my days are numbers as I will be dropping the baby any moment now and also I have been going back and forth on whether to share this very life changing moment in my life and I'm like why not. 

So rather late than never this won't be a series but I will share on the blog and the YouTube Channel my experiences on being a first time mom and all, I hope you do enjoy it. 

I was never really interested in people's pregnancies because firstly my culture (it's considered rude to ask people about how far along they are and stuff) and secondly I really thought I was the type that would never have children and I was okay with that also....So things like Hospital Bags never interested me, but hey things change (",)

I think that the items that are in my bag are faily modest and okay and, today I searched Hospital Bags on Pinterest OMG people bring a lot.... 
I have also done a mini vlog on the YouTube Channel, please have a look on it and tell me what you think about the items that are there... are they okay or too much?

- For Mommy:
Dr Whites
Linen Saver

- Baby
Baby Vests (alot)
Baby Crawlers (alot)
Baby wipers (not sure how many packs they need here? so I took two packs)
Wrapping blanket
Baby Hat

Now that I look at the list it is not as bad I thought at first, and all these items I will need at home still so I guess it's the hospitals way of making one prepared for their future. 

My two older sisters had babies before and I guess I should have paid more attention, but I guess one is never prepared for anything until it hits home. 

Till Tomorrow



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