Sunday, February 25, 2018

Claiming Your UIF - Maternity Leave

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, I'm just loading posts here on the blog as they come and being a first time mom I just need to share these with you because sharing is caring. 

I don't know how to start this, but I will just share pointers as they come 
and not in any chronological order. 

Apply for maternity leave at work on time:
By month 5 I feel like we know when we gonna take maternity leave, but for me month 7 going to 8 that is when you know your body for sure. 
Applying for maternity leave early allows for your company to make plans for your position (some companies hire a temp, while others you just need to hand over your projects to someone else).

Maternity Benefits:
LOL this one makes me laugh cause I had my fair share of working for companies that have 0% benefits to some that offer 100% benefits, cause for a while I would change jobs alot (that caught up with me though ((that makes me fall under the really tricky group)). 

On company maternity benefits it is always best that you check your contract and HR so you can make an informed decision when it comes to claiming for your UIF. 

Claiming for Maternity UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund): 
This one is really tricky or simple depending on how you look at it or how many jobs you have hopped in the past 4 to 5 years.. 
Lets start of with simple, most HR departments will draft out some papers for you to take along to make the claim, at the Department of Labour they will give you a form that your bank needs to stamp and you wait approximately 35 business days for the funds to be allocated in your account for a period of 4 months. 

The really tricky, your HR department gives you the forms still, when you get to the Department of Labour to claim you find out that your previous employers never updated your end date status with the Department of Labour and now you have to take forms called the U-19 or something like that gives your previous employers a chance to sign and mind you some of these previous places that you used to work for may no longer want to see you lol, and to add on top of that you are highly pregnant. 
I wish you luck on this one.

Summary:(Documents needed) 
- Maternity Forms (obtained from HR)
-When you get there they will give you a form that your bank needs to fill in and stamp.
(as if you will give out another persons bank details)
- Depending on the Department of Labour you use, all of this can be done on the same day. 

Things a pregnant women needs to take along: 
- Your own tissue and sanitary wipes. 
- Bottled water
- Snacks (cause you never know how long you might be there). 
- Power bank (cause you might need to start complaining on Twitter)
- Patience (cause again, the lines might be very long). 
- Don't forget your ID cause they will need it. 

Hopefully this will assist you on your journey to claiming your UIF
 and remember to enjoy your pregnancy. 

See you soon. 



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