Monday, February 26, 2018

Chilling at the New Kwa-Ndabezitha Restaurant

Soweto, South Africa
Hi Bazala!!

So we where at home sitting and minding our own business gossiping about probably nothing until we heard an advert on our favorite local radio station JOZI FM
 about a new restaurant opening in Soweto catering African cuisine.

Since we are big lovers of food we thought that we should give it a try since it is locally based. 
So this past Saturday we went to Kwa-Ndabezitha that is the name of the African themed restaurant located in Kwezi, Soweto.
 They offer a variety of South African dishes such as Mogodu, Uphuthu Namasi, etc 
and also they serve alcohol.

Idada (a duck) was also on the menu.
Top things we loved about the place:
-The owner of place was very welcoming and made the run around to make sure that 
everyone was  served on time.
-The food was authentically South African, and there were no unnecessary spices added
to ruin the taste of the food.
- The music was marvelous, and kept us dancing the whole time.
-Their prices are so reasonable from the food to the drinks.
Top things we did not like about the place 
-Since it was the first day we expected a few hick ups as the place is still new, but there are a few things that they have to fix, (sorry guys but we have to share the good and the bad). 

-  Adding more toilets because at the moment there 
is only one for each gender.
-We also did not like the fact that we have to carry cash to go there,
 which is so uncomfortable (adding speed points would be great).
-There is limited parking space, so you have to get there early 
otherwise uzo paka kwamakhelwane.

Overall we had a great afternoon/evening and we would recommend this place
if you are looking to eat food that is fresh ad won't cost you 
alot of money. 

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Till next time


Intokazy & Cindy

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