Thursday, November 9, 2017

Review | Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Metallic Lip Vinyl

Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Metallic Lip Vinyl
(Top to Bottom - Coppering, Chrome Pink, Queen B, Reign)
Hey guys, hope that you are having a great Thursday and the taxi strike didn't affect you as much as it did me (atleast I got a chance to blog). So here is the thing this post was supposed to go live last week the same time I shared my first impressions of the new Yardley Stayfast Matte Metallic Lippies on YouTube but rather late than never. 

I received the lippies a few weeks back and just wanted to do something different with them hence the YouTube video first then blog review after: 

Lets jump straight into the review:

P.S. the review will be focusing on the 4 new metallic shades (pictured above).
Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Metallic Lip Vinyl
(Top to bottom Miss Mauve, Rambling Rose, Killer Pink, 
Electric Tangerine, Engine Red, Femme Fatale)
The claim: 
Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl in 4 NEW lustrous metallic shades. All the benefits of our coveted Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl – high impact colour, 24 hour wear and an ultra-matte finish; now comes with a glittery, jewel like finish. Merging the staying power of a matte lipstick with the high wattage shine of a metallic!

Available in 4 shades: Reign, Queen B, Coppering and Chrome Pink

The product: 
The lippies come in the same pack as the already existing matte shades, if it wasn't for the sticker on top it would be a bit difficult to tell the metallic  to the mattes... However the metallic shades are pretty visible also because the bottle is transparent and all you see are shimmers withing the lip product... so I ain't complaining that much.

My experience. 
I was very skeptical with this matte mettalic trend I don't want to lie. Fistly I thought too much shimmer, the glitter within the lipsticks will be messy and just cause a disco around your mouth area... but Nope I was proven wrong which I like as the shimmers/metallic parts are saved by the matte part of the lippie (hope I make sense here)
Another thing is I thought that when I do apply them on the lips they would feel  heavy and won't dry out... I was proven wrong also here, the metallic lippies are one application you are happy, quick to dry and don't feel heavy on the lips.

My Verdict:
Everyone is releasing metallic shades these days and I must say Yardley did a great on this one. The Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Metallic Lip Vinyl are super affordable, lite on the lips and super quick to dry-out.
I would suggest you get all the colours but if I had to choose I would get Coppering and Reign

Yardley site : HERE

P.S. Clicks has them on sales for R95.95 : SHOP HERE

You can also watch my lip swatching video over HERE
Hope you enjoyed my review. 

See you soon



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  1. Some of these shades are not my cup of tea, but they look so pretty

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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