Monday, November 13, 2017

Manicure Monday | Weekend Catch-Up

On my nails Revlon Colorstay TopCoat ///Essence shade Hope For Love //// Avon shade White Gold

Hello Bazala, sharing my nails as #NOTD #NOTW because Intokazy has really short nails this week and Zanele's nails are in another state right now, so I'm saving Manicure Monday for you. This post will be just me sharing my thoughts. 

I have noticed that each and every season has that one colour that just stands out. I think that dusty pink is just everywhere, and I'm really loving it because it is just one of my favourite colours. 

Another thing that seems to be on trend this year is clothing with roses...everyone calls it "FIVE ROSES", and I've seen some very strange combinations but I will say the jeans looks wayyyy better than t-shirts soo far. 

I watched Idols this weekend I vote for Paxton she is young and vibrant, I like that.... I can't believe she is the first one to get a golden ticket in Cape Town and has made it to the finals this girl has it. #TeamPaxton

Two words Destruction Boys, I first heard of them when I went to the KZN earlier this year and these boys are just all over now.... I can't complain cause I'm a fan also. 

Well that is it for my first Manicure Monday post. 



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