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Hey guys, this review has been a long time coming...and if I don't do it I won't be able to brag about the products in posts to come. Today I'm welcoming a brand that I'm familiar with as they are one of the few brands that are out there that have ventured into the Soweto market. The brand is called AFRIDERM and the very first product that I bought from them was their handlotion cause you know how much I love hand lotions. Okay okay let's get straight to the review. 

The claim: 
*Peeling Gel: Removes old skin cells, nourishes the layers beneath, and encourages skin regeneration. The gentle action clears away dry, rough patches and dark skin left by blemishes, for a smoother, even-toned face. 
*Eye Cream: Complete refreshment for fatigued eyes, soothing tired skin while improving firmness contains Aleo, Shea Butter and Green Tea. 

The product: 
It comes in clean white container and the tops are a dark toned chrome goldish 
(hope you get my explanation here - but pictures don't lie (see image below)). 

My Experience. 
When I first saw AFRIDERM at Edgars Jabulani Mall in Soweto I first gravitated towards the packages and got intrigued because it claimed to be For ALL Dark Skin Tones and I was happy because not a lot of products are made for exclusively us sisters of a darker skin tone. Secondly the packaging is gorgeous and thirdly a product that claims to target the issues that I mainly deal with which is tired dull skin, so I would say AFRIDERM got me at hello.

Trying on the peeling gel for the first time for me was a bit extra because I had an expectation that once it dries up it will actually start peeling, which it does but a small amount... Then my sister (Cindy) had to remind me that is a peeling cleansing gel and not a mask so it won't peel of that much. The peeling gel does what it claims to do and I like that it does not leave my skin feeling dry. 

The eye cream for me didn't work cause even though it is made for people with sensetive eyes like mine, I'm sure the fragrance decided to take center stage because it does smell a little scented. 

My Verdict:
Overall I'm happy with the peeling gel because although it peels it does not leave my skin feeling dry, and I would pass the eye cream. I have my eye out for their serum though on my next shopping trip.

Afriderm Peeling Gel retail - R120 - SHOP HERE

Afriderm Eye Cream - R235 - SHOP HERE

Hope you enjoyed my review. 

See you soon. 



*Gifted/PR products

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  1. Great Review love, your posts are always interesting!!

    1. Thanks girl... I always try to make them different and interesting.

  2. Thanks girl, I always try to make them different and interesting.

    Do you have Afriderm in Kenya?


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