Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let’s Talk...

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This post is soo late, but here I go. I have been typing out this post and deleting it so many times during July, but I think that you deserve an explanation for my absence from the blog and basically everywhere else…. Stick around till the end cause I’m also going in a rant there…

July is such a bad month for me as a lot of my loved ones passed on during this month, so most of the time (should I have a job at that particular moment I choose to be on leave and just take time to bond with family and friends). This July was not very easy for me as well, cause someone very close to me lost a parent so yet again we had to grieve and I just decided to spend every moment at home close to the people that I love.

The sad part really is I haven’t been creating content for the blog and everywhere else, and when companies send me stuff I’m not really keen on taking out my camera and snapping about the goodies that I have received on that particular day and (this act might have blacklisted me from a few companies “””side note”””” I saw the unfollowing’s on social ***wink***.  The ugly also is that I wasn’t able to attend some events that I really did want to go to and then again most probably on the blacklist now.

As you read this it will be my last day today from my 9-5 due to some unfortunate circumstances that were beyond everyone’s control and I think that the universe is speaking to me to actually focus on writing and creating content (while searching for another job – wish me luck guys), although it will be difficult for me to blog and create content for YouTube (cause blogging and YouTubing is so expensive), I’m letting it all out there and will be doing it either way. 

I have been stalking some Instagram/YouTube pages while I was off and dammmn I think that I need a theme for my page aswell, and a blurry background for YouTube (**sulking**), PUN is intended on my statement but I have seen that companies do gravitate more toward pages that are themed but where is the fun in seeing pictures that are brown and black, what happened to individuality?!

Speaking of Instagram its algorithms are just something else, so I need to sponsor every post now for me to be able to get the people that follow me to see it *right*. I used to be part of the like4like, follow4follow  crews and I’m not ashamed to say that and that’s how I got to the follow count that I’m at today, but I’m getting tired of the follow4follow game (so this weekend I worked on minimizing my following count so that I can actually see post from brands, “”although that might be depressing at times but I need to so that I can create posts that are relevant for that particular time””.)
I will also be sponsoring some posts on Instagram cause I need likes and all LOL  and Instagram you are killing me, but a girl has got to do what she needs to do.

This post really was not to make you sad I just wanted to let it all out there so that when I do blog soon you will see that I do actually care for my blog. The family is okay, we just have to learn to deal with the pain and treat each day as if it was our last.

Thanks for making it this far and thank you so much for the LOVE
See You Soon



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  1. my condolenses and all the best on the new journey, I am a little tired of the follow4follow too because they follow and you receive little to know interaction or eventually they unfollow also

    1. Thank you soo much girl, I really do appreciate it. Instagram has truly changed and the follow for follow game is really tiring.


  2. Replies
    1. It's okay hey, that is is why we call it life.


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