Monday, June 12, 2017

Update | On A Mini Break

Hey guys, hope all is well and okay on your side, 
Well I'm not okay I have been working non-stop on the blog and on my 9 to 5 for a while now, 
which I have been loving. 
Certain issues in my personal life have just popped up and I just thought that 
I should deal with them for the next two weeks or so. 

I really wanted to do this post so it won't look like I went out of action for no reason. 

If it was possible for me to create content during this period I would 
however I just need to be with the family. 

Thank you so much for the continued support I really do appreciate it, as the blog 
In Out & Around Soweto wouldn't be anywhere without it. 

So I'm taking just a mini-break and will be back soon. 

Much love. 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Event | A New Dawn Is Rising

On Tuesday Dawn invited us to a great night of sharing their latest products and to also give us words of encouragement. The event was held at the beautiful Shine Studios in Braamfontein, Joburg.

My sister got there on time to take pictures for me as I was held-up on my 9-5, the beautiful pleasure of having a sister who understands your grind should never be underestimated 
and for that I will forever be grateful of her.

P.S. All the pictures in this post were taken by her, as I arrived for the event way late.
Lets continue…with some few words from Dawn. 

Confidence is the key to success. When you feel confident, you are able to see and seize the opportunities around you and handle the challenges you face in your path. This is why Dawn is making it their mission to give young South African women the physical and emotional confidence to achieve greatness in life. 

Dawn believes in the young women of South Africa and wants to empower them to glow with beauty and confidence every day.
This renewed brand vision is part of a brand relaunch that will see Dawn reposition itself to be more relevant to today’s modern, young South African women who are trying to get ahead in life. This week Dawn will launch a mentorship programme with the guidance of mentoring NGO, SAYes. 

Through this collaboration, Dawn will become the catalyst that connects successful women with SAYes so that, together they can help young women by giving them positive role models and mentorship.  

 The Dawn relaunch includes an inspiring brand film that provides a powerfully emotional story of a typical day in the life of a young South African woman. The film epitomises the Dawn woman; eager, able and ready to conquer her dreams, yet constantly facing obstacles on her road to success.

Dawn wants to be a part of her journey. By providing her with a quality skin care lotion that gives her skin the care it needs to glow with beauty, Dawn allows her to look and feel her best when she goes out each day to conquer her fears and obstacles.

Along with a new point of view, Dawn will also be launching all new, modern packaging designs for the full range of products, which will appear in retail stores in August this year.

The Dawn range of hand & body lotions have been specifically crafted by a team of skin care experts to deliver confidence on the go. With its unique blend of Special Oils, Vitamin A and E and Glycerine that absorb easily into the skin, Dawn offers optimum moisturisation for up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

"Mentoring is a critical tool to aid the empowerment of South Africa's young people and future leaders. Whether in corporate, educational or personal settings, effective mentoring can help young people develop the life skills, confidence and direction they need to thrive in adulthood.” Says Michelle Potter, Co-founder and Executive Director, SAYes. 

A new Dawn is rising – one where Dawn is at the centre of a sisterhood of support and upliftment, one where Dawn is the voice that whispers when she’s on the cusp of greatness… 
- Dawn
WE also got to sign a mini declaration after the event, that says: 

The daily challenges we face are tough. 
To overcome these barriers to success I had to believe in myself and my abilities confidently.
Tonight I’m part of a conversation that inspire confidence in young women – the confidence to build self belief. Find the resilience to keep going and realize her full potential…, 
beyond her circumstances.
Tonight I pledge to continue this journey of encouragement, to continue the conversation of mentorship and to continue to spread the anthem of support


Thanks Dawn South Africa for the lovely event. 

till next time

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Colors by Foschini Eyeshadow Review

Yesterday on social I shared swatches of the Colors by Foschini Eyeshadow Palette, I must say I was pretty impressed. I bought the eyeshadows sometime back in January and swatched the nude ones and wasn't that happy... let me do a quickly review for you and then you will make up your mind on it.

The claim:
I don't see it on the Foschini website and there is no claim also anywhere but I will just stick with the general eyeshadow rule, which is probably great pigmentation, longevity and minimal fallout.

The product:
The eyeshadows come with six matte shades and six shimmery shades. They retail from R39.99

My experience
Bought the eyeshadows to expand my eyeshadow collection back in January, swatch’d the matte shades and I was not happy with the swatches and I threw the shadows away(to the back of the my drawer), I was looking for a reddish-brown shimmery shade two weeks back and boom this palette had it and I swatched it once with hopes that it would pick up and booom the shade came through nicely.The matte shades I'm not happy with but the shimmery ones omg somgaga I'm sold.

So if you are looking for an affordable eyeshadow palette with great pigmentation and good staying power.Get this palette

P.S. You can also get this palette with the shimmery shades only, which is great news.



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Top 3 Favourite Products from POND'S

Hey guys, I thought that I should bring you something different today, as I'm swinging back to blogging on the daily again. These 3 products from PONDS guys, I just can't stop using them.

P.S. everyone skincare routine is different and results will vary from person to person, so if one product does work for me or not for you, or the other way round hey that’s okay that is why it is called a routine and routines change.  
So without wasting any of your time I will start off with the...
Pond’s Pimple Clear FaceWash
Pond's claims the following about the face wash:
– For smooth, clear skin. See a difference in just 3 days*
– Formulated with the world’s first for face care Active Thymo-T Essence
– Helps fight pimples at the root

My Thoughts:
I was lucky enough to be at the launch of the Pimple Clear range earlier this year and I have been using the face wash together with the Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel for sometime now. The Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel did it's job of clearing out pimples that I get occasionally, however ever since I began using the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face-Wash those occasional pimples no longer pop. I know it's a huge claim but this facewash is doing it’s job, this is my 3rd purchase and I'm happy plus its affordable.

Pond’s Pimple Clear Face-Wash retails for R34.95 
POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment

POND's claims:
This extra nourishing, rejuvenating night cream helps to repair daily skin damage and actively brightens your complexion whilst you sleep. Dark spots and blemishes are diminished, evening out skin tone and reducing discolouration. Wake up to more luminous, flawless looking skin.

My Thoughts:
For me night-creams are supposed to be non-greasy and this product is just that non-greasy but moisturising. My night routine includes applying a serum and then the night cream. My only main concern here is that the Visible Even Tone Day Cream carries no SPF maybe it does have another form of sun protection, however for me I would like it written on the product. The POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment is great for me as it helps clear out blemishes which I suffer from most, and hey a little re-brightening formulation does not hurt either.

POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment retails for R99.95
POND'S Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum
POND'S claims
This potent anti-pigmentation serum intervenes in the ageing cycle that creates dark, stubborn spots by decreasing the transfer of dark pigments to the surface of the skin. This prevents discolouration before it begins and gives the skin a new, bright and luminous glow. Not only does the serum reduce the appearance of dark marks, it also results in youthful, smoother skin.

My Thoughts
For me this serum ties everything together in the Pond's Flawless Radiance Collection. This morning while getting ready just after using a toner (cause you know how drying these could be) then using the serum all I can say is oooh my goodness. If you are not using a serum in your skincare routine you need to start immediately and for this I recommend the POND'S serum.

POND'S Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum usually retails for R109.00

For more information on the PONDS range you can go to the following link: POND'S

Hope you have enjoyed my mini reviews. 



Monday, June 5, 2017

Manicure Mondays | Welcome Back & Let’s Talk

Hello guys, hope everyone has been great and okay, even if this post is a day late I really wanted
to have it out either way. One thing that I love more than a full coverage foundation, more than a full coverage concealer that does not require setting (lol maybe I'm dreaming here on the require no setting part but I hope you get me), I love having my nails done at home on a Sunday chilling with the fam.  I tried the acrylic thing a few months back and I'm like no more no thanks. I'm glad that my nails are back to their robustness again,

Well it's Manicure Monday girls and it is time for us to catch-up.

I love blogging as a hobby but let's face it these days companies have seen 
how much influence we do have and that
is great because we can turn our hobbies into something that will bring us some pocket money and hey sometimes we can start making a living cause whether we like or not blogging is expensive.

You need High Quality Pictures - You need a camera or phone that will take such and that is expensive
You need the latest foundation - You will need to buy it which is expensive
You need to get your post out there - We you will need to promote it honey, and promotions cost money cause lets face it, Instagram alga-fu***n-rhythms are just messing us up, and hashtags are just hashtags lately.

Blogging has become a bit challenging, because we now live in the Age of the "Influencer".... this will be our topic next week.

What's your take on the business side of blogging?

See you soon.



Friday, June 2, 2017

Just Smile & Let It Go

Every now and then you might come through challenges that 
make you second guess yourself, but I say stand your ground and 
just be yourself. 

And on that note. 

Have a great weekend. 

See you soon


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