Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Around Soweto | Sporo Street CookOut

On Saturday I got to attend an event at number 13330 Brickfield Road Spruitview 
which is 35 minutes away from Soweto 
courtesy of my blogger friend The Authentic Girl who hooked me up with some tickets. 
Since it was my first time at the event  just thought that I should share with you what the event is, what the aim is, some great pictures I took and 
my two cent mini review of it in the end. 
What is SporoStreet CookOut You Ask?
Sporo’s Street Cookout was born out of Tshepo Monamudi’s vision, who together with partner Xolani Mazibuko realized that townships in general have become more urban in mindset but lack the necessary events, concepts and venues to keep up with this clientele. 
The Street Cookout has been happening every last Saturday of the month since February 2016 on Twala Road in Vosloorus with one hosted in Rockville Soweto. 

Whats The Aim?
To create business opportunities and income for township culinary entrepreneurs.
To introduce an alternative lifestyle to an otherwise monotonous environment.
To create employment in the community where the Street Cookout is held.
To assist young talented entrepreneurs in building their brands.
To showcase untapped talent
How It Works 
Individual stalls are rented out to resellers of not so usual foods (not usual for townships). 
Picnic style tables and benches are setup on the street opposite the stalls for all to utilize while enjoying their food and drinks 

The market is complimented by background lounge music, to encourage conversations and occasionally hosts live acts/bands . 

Up to 30 Stalls which are operated mostly by young local chefs, selling a variety of dishes and beverages to no less than 2000 people per event.

My Experience
The invite stated that the event begins at 10:00 till 20:00 I arrived there at around 1pm and the venue was some what empty but I don't what happened after that cause booom people flooked through, and the venue was packed.

I liked that there were enough chairs and tables for everyone, the music was just load enough for me to hear it and carry out a conversation. 

The food stalls were packed and the food tasted divine (pictures don't lie), the smoothies were just awesome, the craft beer ooh mannn, and the wine... what more can I say. 

Guys when I talk about food my mind goes on a frenzy....

I had fun and I'm sold, can't wait for the next one. 



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  1. Looks delish! Like your pics and your review of the event.

    1. Thank you kindly for the feedback Michelle, the event was super cool.


  2. that food looks delicious!! I like the idea of the event and that it's hosted in the township

    1. The was delicious ate my heart out (",)
      Great township events keep me going.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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