Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review | All About Face Masks

Is it just me or everyone is face masking a lot these day, and if you ain't well you should be because it's fun and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, tightened and toned.

Me time: Most face masks need 10 minutes minimum to efficiently work, so what does one do during that period to kill time, chill of-course a lil cucumber some candles and a bubble bath and you are at a spa.

Cleansing and unclogging pores: Using a face-wash on the daily is great as it removes dirt and make-up, however face masks take cleansing to another level.

Unmask: Once your done using a face mask your face feels rejuvenated and glowing, if you haven't masked (use a face mask) before you just need to try it atleast once.
How To: 
1. LOL this is optional cause some masks can be messy so you need to tighten your hair and make sure it is nowhere near the face.
2. Wash your face as normal using a face wash, and semi pat dry your face as it is better applying a mask on a damp face.
3. Leave it on your face for the period of time or as recommend by the manufacturer
4. When you remove the mask use plenty of water as the mask clings on your face when it has dried up so e.g. dampen your wash cloth then hold it on your face for while do this till the face mask loosens up which will make it easy for it to come off.
My routine

I use the Avon Clearskin pore penetrating Black Mineral Mask once a week as I have dry skin, depending on what problems you would like to target you can use it as frequent as recommended. 

I just apply a thin layer of the Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask to my semi damp face, wait for the mask to transform from a black to a light grey colour. The chilling time for the mask is 10 to 15 minutes, and I usually chill with the mask for 15 minutes.

This is the 3rd tube I have purchased and used and so far so good, I ain't complaining.

Please do tell me if you are using any masks yet and do you
see any difference on your skin?

Thank you so much for checking out my post, 
see you soon!!!



Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask
Regular price R79

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  1. Ah I've been wanting to try some new face masks so I will definitely try this one! Your skin looks amazing :)

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

    1. Ooh thank you so much.
      You must give it a try...



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