Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello April | Preview & CatchUp

Sorry I have been MIA my 9-5 has me good, and I just wonder how will I survive my week. 
I have so many great ideas planned for April I wonder if I will be able to execute them the way I want. 

I decided to change the blog template again lol, but I think it is better now especially for mobile use 
as the previous one was rather plain, this one is still plain however its plain in a good way I think. 
And I also told myself that is it for updating templates for 2017 I will update it in 2018 and also maybe move to wordpress as it is better, Blogger is messing things up now but they have added new templates as the old ones I think they were from 2009. 
I feel like Blogger is Googles last priority when it comes to blogger apps, and they need to change that asap and who ever is doing the changes currently on blogger is messing things up if I haven't mentioned that yet. 

As for YouTube it is still fun, I'm enjoying doing it however I could be better, a little by little I will get there, I saw that I reached 100 subscribers (which I will forever be grateful) there is a giveaway on the works. I do have items that I have been saving up for giveaways I just wonder if you will like them, they are nothing extravagant just bits and pieces of items that I love and been using. 

Wuuu as for my weightloss journey kwaaa that is a story for another day, okay maybe now. My car broke down late January like two days before my birthday and even though I had a great birthday it could have been better, I have been half commuting getting rides from bae and using taxis (South African taxis), this whole thing has been stressing me up, although the gym that I go to is based 
in Soweto taking the car is always better than a taxi, and another thing is when I stress I eat. So good news the car has been fixed and I will be able to do the most again. 

I have been enjoying blogging daily and putting posts up, I won't lie adding YouTube to my basket has been a bit of a stress, please pray for me that I get used to it as I enjoy it. 

Wow this will be a long read LOL, if you made it till the end "YOU ARE THE BEST"

Hope April brings us nothing but LOVE. 



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