Monday, April 24, 2017

Balancing Blogging Full Time & Working Full Time

My title makes me cringe cause really is there ever a balance in anything work/life related, 
let us take a look at this. 

A lot of South African Beauty Bloggers I know and follow on social media either have full time jobs, are full time students or just doing it all working full time, working on their studies full time, running a family and that very little free time we get we blog (or atleast try),
a very tiny percentage of bloggers I know in South Africa make a living from beauty blogging comfortably (the work comfortably is key here). 

I'm just here just stating the facts....!!!

I know tons of bloggers who have very immeculate work but are not blogging full time and I know tons of bloggers that are blogging "full time"and are producing shitty work. 

Enklek where is this article going....hold up.... !!!

So balancing blogging full time and working full time, I would say it is pretty hard
 as you need to feed this social media giant and at the same time feed your family, because let us be honest blogging and leaving comfortably only on blogging is a dream that most of us will only see in the next upcoming generations... 

HOLD UP...did I just say that I'm old or your old... nope you are never to old or to young to pursue
your goals/dreams. 

But where is this article going????? huh!!!!

Nowhere really I just thought that I should come here and speak crap really. 
Balancing full time blogging and full time working or studying really does not exist, all I can say is you just need to work hard on all aspects of your life
and you will see equal if not more growth and success in all. 

Did I confuse you, cause I'm confused LOL. 

Have a great week.



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  1. I love this article... a bit funny but so true, its hard balancing work and blogging. I am so guilty.

    1. Thanks Girl, glad you get the humor behind it... it was my quickest post yet...


  2. You might need help subbing. You wrote immeculate instead of immaculate. I like the blog though.


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