Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NEW IN | Revlon Love Her Madly

I really love the "new in feature" here on the blog, because I gives me an opportunity 
to share what new products I'm currently testing here on the blog.

 The New In feature mostly includes products that I buy myself but 
every now and then I would get stuff on my PO Box 
and I feel like I also need to share those so that we can test them together. 

I got the *Revlon Love Her Madly - Breathless Perfume on my PO Box and 
items that are mostly pink just grab my attention, just look at that #flatlay

The Revlon Love Her Madly perfume range has been my older sisters favorite for  while and it just makes me weird having to test it out. 
Maybe I should just let her test it out for us.... 

First Impressions: 
Loving the bottle and the packaging, it smells absolutely divine. 

Revlon Love Her Madly - Breathless


*PR/Gifted Item

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