Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NEW IN | Essence Beauty Blogger Secrets

Hey guys, been posting very late this week, I do apologies but atleast I'm posting right? (",)!!!

Essence Beauty Blogger Secrets launched mid-month January 
and I have been eyeing the palettes for a while now, 
You know me before buying a products I need to think thoroughly
 if it will fit into my collection or not. 

What I like about this collection is that Essence collaborated with bloggers, I can't wait to see a blogger collaboration sometime soon in SA, 
and when I say blogger collaboration I mean I would like to see someone releasing a lipstick, highlighter or something range with a brand and I feel like now it is 
the time for a brand to take a chance. 

Enough with my rambling....
Essence Beauty Blogger Secrets /// R104.95 / *$8.40
Essence collaborated with 4 beauty bloggers to create each palette and they are as follows:

1. *Touch up to go! one-for-allpalette + nail polish by Diana zur Löwen

2. Vintage rose eye palette + nail polish by Palmira

3. *Shape & shadows eye contouring palette + nail polish by Mary

4. Shape & shadows eye contouring palette + nail polish by Mary

I currently have number 1 and 3, and I went out today to get 2 and 4, I just feel like these palettes deserve a series on the blog where I create a looks for each, 
I will see how it goes...

Have you tried any of the Essence Beauty Blogger Secrets yet? 
and whats your take?



*PR/Gifted product
*Price might be slightly different

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  1. really lovely kits, they seem very good to travel with

    1. They are really compact and most great to travel with, extensive reviews coming soon...


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