Monday, March 20, 2017

Event | Avon Make Your Mark Launch & Vlog

3D Avon Mark Swatches
Some Mark Eyelinear
Picture showing the Eyeshadow Ink
Hey guys last Wednesday I attended the Avon Make Your Mark South African Launch in Bryanston - South Africa. 

I did a whole vlog showing you my journey from Soweto (homes) to Sandton (the event) and the event as a whole, I'm planning to do proper swatches 
and everything for the blog very soon. 

Avon has launched their very new slick line called Mark!!! as in make your mark... which just excites because I feel like make-up is something that one should does for fun, and seeing your
 face transform well that just keeps me going. 
Models/// These girls are just gorgeous van't wait to re-create their looks

My sister trying on new make-up
Under the MARK line Avon is currently releasing: 
- 3D and BOLD lipsticks
- 3 way mascara (which gives you the power to choose how much product you can get in your wand. 
- Lip Gloss
- Eye shadow ink (which have a metalic finish)

I will do an in-depth review soon. 

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Till next


Thank you Avon South African for the invite. 

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