Thursday, February 23, 2017

Event | POND'S Pimple Clear Launch

Tuesday night I attended an event at Sandton City hosted by Ponds South Africa as they launched their latest innovative product set to target pimples in just 3 days called Pimple Clear. 

Being a sister to a teenage girl who is starting to have break-outs and having to do make-up on brides who get so stressed out by their weddings I know pimples so well and having a new product in the market that is set to target these problems, well the Ponds Institute had me at Pimple Clear. 

On of the speakers Dr Mpofu a leading South African Dermatologist also highlighted how people get pimples and the lengths they go through to treat and erase them. Things that trigger pimples are using makeup with ingredients that can cause irritation, over-dying your face, putting pressure on your face, using dirty make-up applicators and also our diets. To treat pimples people take antibiotics, use toothpaste as a masks which is clearly a problem...
Ponds being South Africa's leading skincare brand for over 150 years has decided to something about this issue, it has released two products aimed to target pimples. The products are Pond's Pimple Clear FaceWash (main ingredients are Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Aqua (water), Salicyclic Acid, etc) and Ponds Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel (main ingredients Aqua (water), Dimethicone, etc). 

Ponds claims that the products are set to reduce the appearance of pimples in just 3 days, well I will be the judge of that as I plan a reviewing the products soon. 

1. Pimple Clear Facial Foam 43ml - R27.00
2. Pimple Clear Leave On Gel 18ml - R47.00

So come to Sandton City from the 22nd of February till the 12th of March 2017, 
to experience the new POND's Pimple Clear range...
and don't forget to hashtag #StopHiding #ThePondsInstitute



Thank you kindly Ponds South Africa for the invite. 

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    1. It really is Paola and informative aswell.


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