Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Underneath My Wig| Natural Hair Journey 3 Months Update

To think that I will miss for a while my relaxed hair in a high ponytail with 
an extra load of styling gel is an understatement.  
Thinking of it might just makes me wanna go back to relaxed hair. I'm lying I had to cut my hair month end September 2016 because the same hairstyle that I loved so much ended up taking a huge portion of my hair (bible omg that is so KUWTK, I blame those December marathons). Styling gels are a very tricky one, I mean they make your hair look extra shiny but infact just sucks up every inch of moisture. I kept the ponytail and styling gel hairstyle from February 2016 till September 2016 without changing hairstyles. 
Fast forward to today I have the natural hair now for more than 3 months. The first 2 months I just washed it weekly air dried it which I still do and then threw on the wig cap then the wig.
Then in mid-December I began platting it because I could feel that it was ready. I did the simple benny and betty hairstyle (ooh benny and betty gosh just thinking about it takes me back nothing but great childhood memories). I managed to plate 7 lines and have continued to do so till now, hoping I get to 2 line by December 2017 (goals).   
The great thing about my hair and hairstyle is that when I go to the gym, I just throw the wig that side and throw in my bandana and I’m good to go.
This post was just share What’s Underneath My Wig, hope you enjoyed it.
Till tomorrow.

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  1. As much as I like leaving my hair alone on my head, I'm a proponent of Benny and Betty myself as a protective style. It's hard finding someone to do it though.

    - Nomali from Soweto

    1. It's quite easy to do girl, I should teach you sometime cause when someone else does it, the stress of your hair being pulled is just too much. Will wait for your invite.


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