Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ooh Snap It's My Birthday

Zanele Mondi /// Ooh Snap It's My Birthday 
Happy Birthday to me.
Wow, I’m getting older now if you follow the blog then you would know how old I‘m turning this year.
But as you get older then you would know that each passing year is not really about counting the time that has passed but it’s all about the experience.

I would say that the year that passed has opened my eyes to many great opportunities and learning experiences.

I learned so much about myself, there was a time there when the year began when I didn’t have a job I would apply for work left right and center but nothing popped up.
Then I had an interview for a temp job cause the lady was going on maternity leave and that interview I will remember for the rest of mylife, because I was just myself and we spoke for ages with my interviewer and it was nothing but laughs and tears, what I’m trying to get to here is just this year I learned to embrace myself and my passed experiences.

I learned to work hard with small pay or no pay at all, sometimes we like to place money in front of all things and yes in my past years decisions were always based on money and this past year I learned to work hard no matter what the situation was. There is nothing more satisfying than know you have outdone yourself in a job and know that your clients and employers are happy with your work, well that’s the cherry on top.

I made new friends, because I’m an introvert the online world is a placed that I always turned to and blogging as given me opportunities to meet people with common interests. I will forever be grateful for how the online community has embraced me, so thank you once again.

I learned to be content, you know once you stop fighting difficult situations and give everything to God I tell you things happen.

Grandpa, Mom, Dad I know you are always watching over our families. Granny I love you a longtime mmmmba, my two dear sisters *Pammy and Cindy I will always love you. My nieces and nephews Lolo, Gigi, Andy, Rhuba, Sdudla you know I got you and Mr Xiks thank you. To all my other family and close friends I love you (I don’t wanna start mentioning names cause the list is too long,  and Google might think my site is LOL)  

*used their nicknames cause I wanna respect their privacy. 

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