Monday, January 23, 2017

Manicure Monday | Birthday Week Loading...

Zanele Mondi /// Colours Limited Gel Nail Enamel
Foschini /// Colours Limited Gel Nail Enamel
Birthday week loading... 
Foschini nail polishes bring it for me, they  only cost R19bucks but the quality and longevity is just great.

My weekend was rather quite cause I was at work and did just that work.
I didn’t have time to watch a lot of TV because I’m in a content creating mode these days so I’m capitalizing on it.
I hope that you have enjoyed all the posts so far in January and I must say deciding to post n a regular for me has been a great decision.  

My birthday is on the 25th of January and luckily for me I won’t be at work, cause seriously who wants to work on their birthday.
The plan for my birthday is to snapchat the whole day, and hopefully that will also encourage me too snap on the regular because I don’t snapchat at all.
My snapchat username is zanelemondi

Well that was a glimpse on my coming week.

Hope that we have a great, blessed week.

Till tomorrow




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