Monday, January 30, 2017

Manicure Monday | AT IT 24/7

Mani Monday /// Weekend Catch-Up
YARDLEY /// Gel Lac Nails Candy Floss 9ml /// R65
Gosh I love nailpolishes, and when I saw the featured nailpolish I knew I had to have it. 
I love pink nailpolishes and I must say that this colour really suites me (side smile) 

Wow my Bloglovin subscribers are really growing, maybe its because I post on the regular now, I guess all that being consistent advise is paying off because I have been putting it into good use. 

This weekend was just chilled and bitter sweet my friend Khosi left for Durban this morning and I will be seeing her some time later this year. We did a mini goodbye party and we just chilled at Andiccio24 the Grayston Drive one, where we ate great food and drank a couple of Sangria's, ofcourse we didn't leave without taking the Red Velvet cupcakes as takeaways (captured most of moments on SnapChat - @zanelemondi), if you haven't been to Andiccio24 you are missing out. 

I would like to also say hi to my people from Botswana I see you and I really do appreciate it. 

Hope your weekend was filled with fun activities as well. 

Lets have a great week. 

Till tomorrow




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