Monday, January 16, 2017

Manicure Monday | 125 VegasBaby

ManiMondays are a tricky one for me. 
One day my nails be looking great as ever the next they look horrible.

Yesterday I attempted to do my nails again in this gorgeous 125 Vegas Baby Revlon Colorstay Nailpolish that I got in December from Revlon, (side note 125 January 25 my Birthday).  From the first swipe I knew that the nailpolish will give me a finish that I wanted. Guys if you are not using a topcoat in 2017 then you need to stay in 2012.

Guys now you know that Manicure Mondays are a time for us to catch-up on all weekend activities.
I had the weekend-off and for the first time since 2013 I went to the gym, did my first weight-in and I'm standing at +/- 97kg, I’m quite tall but the BMI index is above 30 which means I’m over weight (I will get to this on more posts to come however for now you can wish me luck).  The shock!!! Not really I was expecting it, I ate my way to the 97 kg because for a long time I was self-medicating with food. This year I'm like okay, okay now it's time I get some help not only weight wise, but psychological also, I will keep you updated on that. 

On Saturday a close family friend was *lobolled, congratulations dear nothing but love for you and your Mr.

Eish my birthday is coming soon (25.01.2017) I really don’t know if I want to celebrate it or not but I will see.

P.S. Also came to a realization that posting Monday; Wednesday and Friday is not working for me, I rather post daily.

Hopefully you had a great weekend, and lets have a great week.

Till tomorrow


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