Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Year | Beauty Blog Catch-up

This post is everywhere but I had fun typing it out, blogging sometimes is supposed to be imperfect because the imperfects make perfect or something like that!!!.

Wow when the year began I really didn't know that I would end up writing more than 150 posts*.

I nearly stopped there in July when things workwise/blog wise/personal relationships were just not happening. (Check July 2016 only one post produced). When you are at your lowest that's when you need to put in more energy because August was another great turning point for the blog and I couldn't be more happier with the frequency I produce now.

I always get the “when are you going to lose your”  and my answer is all in good time. Ooh YouTube was another stumbling block for me this year!!! (I might re-visit that next year, crossing my fingers). The blog I can happily say that it is doing well "views and reach wise" Norway I see you!!!

I am grateful to every company that supported In Out & Around Soweto and all I can say is "the best is yet to come". MY dear readers/friends/family/Sowetans I would like to thank you for inspiring me this year and just being there with me through all the messed up posts, spelling mistakes, inconsistent posts you are the best, the best, the best.

Side note *Cassper Nyovest quotes are still one of the most searched quotes on the blog LOL, must really do something about that*

I am still yet to withdraw from my Adsense, waiting for that $100 dollar cheque LOL, anywho I'm not doing this for the money just paving the way for younger girls and boys In Out & Around Soweto who thought starting up a blog is impossible.

Speaking of young boys and girls the Thembelani Enkosini kids got brand new shoes last week, as Christmas presents all is well.

Let me leave the post here and stop babbling, will finish everything on Fridays posts.


Zanele Mondi | In Out & Around Soweto

*Edit just checked my blog uploads for 2016 and they are standing at 130 but pretty close to 150 LOL

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  1. Hi! Sometimes it's good to babble. Congrats for your 150 blogposts. Looking forward for reading more of you. :)

    1. Thank you kindly. Will sure be blogging even more in 2017. xx


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