Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Online Shopping | Gamiss.com Review & Shopping Experience

Online Shopping | Gamiss.com Review
A few weeks back I was contacted by the site Gamiss.com to do a little shopping on their site and also share my experience. I took on this offer because when it comes to online shopping on some international sites I'm still scaptical, lets get into the review and see how it went.

Gamiss.com mainly carries fashion for woman, man and kids at wholesale prices. They also carry bags, Jewelry, Hair, Accessories, Bags, Beauty, etc. The site as a whole is easy to navigate, you are able to see which stuff goes where and the payment options are also placed nicely on the footer. Taking about payment options I don't know about you but when I buy items internationally or locally I prefer using Paypal, cause I think it is "safer", anywhoooo lets move along. 

Shopping is quite easy on the site as you select the items that you want and move along to check out. When shopping the site also tells the appoximate amount of shipping costs. And that is the down side as the site does not offer free shipping to South Africa. I'm not complaining though as the prices are affordable so even with the shipping costs items don't cost as much as they would locally. 

Once payment has been made you will be able to track your parcel immediately, my items took 10 days to get to South Africa, then was with South African customs for like 30 days. I must say that the customs department failed me in this one or else I would have received the package sooner. 

The item descrptions were on point as what I ordered on the site was exactely what I got *IMPRESSED*. 

Overall I'm impressed with what the site has to offer and will I be shopping there again? Yes!!! I will. 

Do I recommened the site?



P.S. In my next coming posts I will be sharing all the items* that I bought and reviweing them
individually, hopefully you will enjoy the posts. 

Till the next post. 



*PR/Gifted Products

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