Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November In Review

November has been a great month blogging wise, 
even though I had to take a small break because my day job always takes first priority. 

Here is a bit of catching up!!!

See you in December and ooh boy I have tons of great and exciting posts coming your way. 

Hope that you survived Black Friday

Thank you very much for the support



4 comments so far

  1. Your posts are great as always! Happy december!

  2. Happy December girl. Lets make it a great month.

  3. Wow so many nice goodies, and your taste is very classy! I love the watch and sunglasses. I also recently got a very similar set of makeup brushes, maybe you can help me understand what some of them are for..haha.Those lipsticks look absolutely stunning on your skin, I can't wait to see them swatched on your lips! And oh the cosmetics advent calendar! :)

    1. Dugout I'm wearing the watch now and I love it. Brush sets are always tricky so we must use them wisely. The advent calendar is just to die for. I love all my goodies also.


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