Monday, November 21, 2016

Event | World Toilet Day with Domestos & Isu"lihle Primary School

Newly Renovated toiltes being handed over by Domestos & Unicef to School Principal
On Friday we celebrated World Toilet Day 2016 at Isu'lihle Senior Primary School in my home town Soweto as Demostos unveiled a new block of toilets. Domestos is pissed off about poor sanitation in schools and they are actually doing something about it. 

Being someone who actually went to a Primary School and High School in Soweto I know first hand the toilet situation. Our public school situation in SA is at a point were funds are never enough for new building constructions let alone maintaining the old ones which sadly includes toilets that are being used on a daily basis by the kids. 

“Domestos recognises that government cannot do it alone.” stated Cynthia Luthuli, Domestos’ Brand Manager. Isu'lihle Senior Primary School being the 27th School to benefit from the campaign I'm actually impressed. 

For more information about the campaign please follow this link

You can also do your part to help us raise awareness in the country. 
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