Monday, October 31, 2016

Manicure Monday | Keep your hands moisturised this Summer!!!

One of my favourite posts to do on the blog has to be Manicure Monday posts, I just love them. 
Today is no different I will be sharing some quick tips on how to keep
 your hands moisturised this summer. 
I know usually in summer hands get sticky and sweaty and those reasons alone should be motivation on keeping your hands and nails moisturised.

In Spring/Summer I usually use hand creams that are moisturising but won't leave my hands feeling clingy and sticky. This season I'm loving the Vaseline healthy hand & nails conditioning hand lotion, not only does it moisturise my hands but it doesn't have that irritating sticky
 feeling I hate in summer 

My tips for keeping your hands moisturised are as follows: 

1. Use a hand lotion with less glycerine. 
2. Use sun screen
3. Should your hands be prone to sweat a little powder should help


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