Monday, October 31, 2016

NEW IN | MONOPOLY Mzansi Edition is HERE

I remember playing the monopoly game when I was younger and never recognising any of the the cities or landmarks but since it was a fun game we continued playing it for hours. 

MONOPOLY the Mzansi Edition is now available, I'm certain that you can get it at Hamleys Nelson Mandela Square I'm note sure of other locations will check that for you. 

When I was at Nelson Mandela Square on Saturday I got to see the board on a larger scale and I
must say I'm impressed, but I must say the Western Cape landmarks and attractions seem to take center stage in this one hey. Other attractions include the Moses Mabida Stadium, The Cradle of Human Kind, and obviously Vilakazi Street in Soweto to mention a few. 

This game is most definately going to be on my Christmas Wishlist. 

For More Information HERE



Manicure Monday | Keep your hands moisturised this Summer!!!

One of my favourite posts to do on the blog has to be Manicure Monday posts, I just love them. 
Today is no different I will be sharing some quick tips on how to keep
 your hands moisturised this summer. 
I know usually in summer hands get sticky and sweaty and those reasons alone should be motivation on keeping your hands and nails moisturised.

In Spring/Summer I usually use hand creams that are moisturising but won't leave my hands feeling clingy and sticky. This season I'm loving the Vaseline healthy hand & nails conditioning hand lotion, not only does it moisturise my hands but it doesn't have that irritating sticky
 feeling I hate in summer 

My tips for keeping your hands moisturised are as follows: 

1. Use a hand lotion with less glycerine. 
2. Use sun screen
3. Should your hands be prone to sweat a little powder should help


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vlog | Avon/Justine iThembaWalkathon 2016

Avon/Justine iThembaWalkathon 2016
Last Sunday I attended the Avon/Justine IThemba Walkaton and I thought that
 I should create a quick vlog for that day. 

Please do enjoy it.

Till next year 


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Taking Stock of My New Lipsticks

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Set - R299 @ Truworths
Avon Lipsticks usually retail for 2 for R129
Avon Matte Lipsticks usually retail for 2 for R129
Essence Lipsticks usually retail for R49 each
What a week, planned on releasing these pictures during this past week, but work took over. 
Hence the little snippets on my Instagram - @zanelemondi
I love lipsticks and lately the matte lipsticks have got me good.
 (*I know I'm late however I'm loving them). 
Since taking these pictures I have added a few more shades to my new lipstick collection. 

Seriously this post was just for me to take stock on what I have on my collection, so that I have a reference point next time I go shopping as duplicates are so annoying. 
How to you keep stock of your lipstick collection, it would be interesting to know?

Hope you have a blessed Sunday and wololo. 



Monday, October 24, 2016

Review | Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

  Cocoa Radient 
Aloe Soothe
Deep Restore
Today I have an exciting review for you I'm finally reviewing the *Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser which retails for R89,99 I have been testing them for a while now *so lets get to it*. The Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers come in three variants Aloe Soothe, Deep Restore and Cocoa Radiant. Each spray has it's own distinct smell and my favourite one is cocoa radiant as it has that sweet but subtle honey smell I just love that. From my experience each spray works similar but knowing Vaseline each spray has set targeted functions:

Aloe Soothe - Aloe is always great for dry and cracked skin. 

Deep Restore - Keeps skin moisturised and restored

Cocoa Radiant - Keeps skin moisturised and glowing all day

How to use the spray: 

- Hold 10cm from skin and spray all over body in a continuous motion. 
- Quickly rub in to moisturise skin instantly. 
and that's it quite simple neh!! 

Overall I'm happy to use the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturisers as part of my Spring/Summer essential product I just wish the sprays had some SPF on them 
*then they would be perfect*. 
If you are looking for an easy to use, moisturising product that is non-greasy but effective, well the sprays are for you. 


*The Vaseline Sprays were kindly sent to me, but all opinions are always mine.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Event | AVON Justine iThemba Walkathon 2016

I had an awesome time today at the AVON/Justine iThemba Walk, it was held at Marks Parks, Emmerantia/Johannesburg. 

I really don't know where I got the time that the race starts at 10.00am luckily I left the house at 7 am but that was just not good enough as the race began at 8.00am sharp. The traffic coming from the South was just hectic at around 7.30am but we made it to the venue on time. 

I really wanted that starting line picture but I guess I will get it next year *sad face*. 

The pictures are mainly my journey while getting to the event, doing the walk and capturing the activities just after the finish line. 

Over all we had a fun time and the event was also well organised. 

I will let my pictures do the talking...

Till next year...



***P.S. I have quite a large file of pictures and they are uploading a bit slow.
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