Thursday, September 29, 2016

New In | Justine A-Firm & Balance

This is my first official review for Justine on the blog,
welcome Justine (I use their tissue oil all the time I don't know why I haven't reviewed it yet).

Avon/Justine sent me tons of products so I will be posting a lot about
 them over the next few weeks. On Tuesday I did the Avon Glow | Bronzing Pearls post and I'm sharing with you skincare products from Justine that I'm currently testig out.

When I test out skincare products I love testing the whole range maybe it's
 just me or something but I believe that dermatologist don't spend hours
developing a range and the be like hey this Moisturizer will work well
with that brands Serum and that other brands Face Wash, correct me if I'm wrong here.

Justine recently launched their A-Firm Anti-aging Cleanser and Toning Gel which I'm 
currently testing out. I have dry skin and without giving too much information
 away (on the products) I can say that it is dry skin friendly. Also new to Justine is their
 Balancing Spray Toner, which works well with my Balancing Day Cream and Night Cream which I have been using for a while.

This post was sorely to share skincare products that are new and I'm testing out, a full blogpost and
in-depth review will be coming soon. 

Will they be me #RideorDieSA skincare products, only time will tell.


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