Monday, September 26, 2016

Manicure Monday | Wild Weekend Update

My Friday began on a bad note as I was booked off sick by the doctor and it was one of those weekends were I had everything planned from doing my hair to
actually start filming for YouTube, but I was so sick and under heavy medication that
I found myself sleeping on the couch and watching TV.

I guess this post will be madly about what I watched on TV this weekend *sorry*.
Forever Young was on repeat the whole weekend from Season 1 up until Season 3, I must say that my boyfriend was happy because he has mad love for those three guys. The only critisism I have for that show is just before the break
they would play a snippied of whats coming after the break and after the break they would play exactly what the snipped showed *that irritated me*, als
they would show snippets of whats coming after the break while it's on upcoming shows * like really* I don't know who thought that idea was great???
I love that show, it is motivational, energetic and just full of life I can't wait for season four.

I got to catch up on some movies both National Treasures, SALT (wuuuuu Angelina Jolie enough said) LOL, CHEF and some local movieS on channel 161 but I forgot the names.

MasterChef The Professionals will always be my favorite, they are currently on group stages and the competition is still on. I only got to watch one episode of Isibaya I think the Monday episode, and I'm just irritated by it but will keep on watching for now.

Free TV catchup, Scandal oh my goodness Dintle is just full of drama isn't she, can't wait to see how that story unfolds,
Skeem Sam was also on another level. Generations who is that mad to poison their mother mara aih.

Reality wise I haven't yet watched Rob & China am I missing something, The show that I'm really into  is WAGS gosh I love it.

Overall I had a great week at home, I just hate that I didn't film anything yet again.

Have a great week.


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