Monday, June 20, 2016

Steps for Taking Care of Your Nails this Winter

1. Keep your nails moisturized. 
Hand moisturizes usually don't last long in winter and the best way I keep my nails moisturized is I use Vaseline; it is cost effective and gets the job done really quick. (On Wednesday I will be sharing other ways one can use Vaseline).

2. Style with care. 
This year I tried keeping my nails long but last week they gave in (because Winter), and they began cracking and all. It is okay when they do that because it is winter and nails do that. My best tip is to keep them short.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals. 
I try to stay always from nail polishes in winter and only apply one in weekends, as the acetone used when removing the nail polish can thin out ones nails, better yet use a nail polish remover without acetone.

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