Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kangol Lip Crayon Review

Hopefully you had a great weekend. I spent all of my time at home chlling with my sisters and some of our friends we had wine, sang, watched some tv (Living The Dream With Somizi was just our highlight, finally a local reality show with actual DRAMMMMMA)  all in all it was a great weekend.
Today I will be reviewing the Kangol Lip Crayon which is available at Truworths for R55. Kangol says the following about their Lip Crayon chubby stick lipstick “available in a variety of colours with long stay capabilities and highly pigmented colour”.  Let’s see how it does.
The chubby lip crayon comes a in a black wax crayon like container, at the bottom it has a silver screw and a transparent cap. The lip crayon comes in a variety of colours, but my store only had two colours a brown (nude) and the red which I bought.

The lip crayon applies well and does not need you to moisturise your lips before application. The red is not the brightest red but it I buildable.  One can wear it during the day and night and it still will look great. Just like with most glossy lipsticks it does transfer so be careful.

In the age of R369 lipsticks I must say that the lip crayon is worth the buy and I’m impressed.

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Repurchase: Yes
Overall: 5/5

*disclaimer products reviewed are purchased using my own money unless otherwise statement. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Avon’s Flawless Coverage Cream-to-Powder Review

Happy Foundation Friday, today I have an awesome post for you. I know I haven’t been reviewing foundations as much as I would like to but this spot “meaning Foundation Friday’s “is here to stay. I’m reviewing the Avon’s Flawless Coverage Cream-to-Powder Foundation which retails for R169 but I bought mine for R99 through an Avon Representative. Let us see how the foundation does.

I must say that it is pretty hard to order a foundation through a booklet, so I just ordered the shade “caramel” just to be safe.

The foundation gives a very good medium coverage and a convincing full coverage. The foundation has warm undertones and it is perfect for my skin shade. The Avon’s Flawless Coverage Cream-to-Powder Foundation has a creamy texture and then once applied it turn into a powder. This foundation is great for people with a combination type skin as the T-zone will remain matte the entire day. I have dry skin and because the foundation turns into powder it cakes in certain places in my skin and does not give me that flawless coverage and I always want.  
Overall it’s a good foundation because it gives the benefit of a liquid and powder all in one. The foundation is great and leaves my skin feeling flawless. If you have dry skin use a good moisturizer, and if you have oily skin use a mattifying primer.

Price: 4/5

Packaging: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes

Overall: 4/5

*disclaimer products reviewed are purchased using my own money unless otherwise statement. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Essence Cosmetics | Lash Princess Mascara Review

I never review mascaras because my lashes are non-existent, so when I saw the *Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara and the tiny brush bristles  thought I should give it a try. Essence is a budget cruelty free inexpensive brand and can be found in almost all drug stores around the country.  I have been raving about their blush if you haven't seen my review, click HERE. Let's see how it does!

The mascara promises a false lash effect, because the bristles are compact I believe it as false lashes do have that compact thing about them. The end is tapered which helps in the application process for my tiny not existent lashes. The consistency of the formula is not too dry that it clamp and not to wet that it smudges. The price also is great for only R67.95 you get that high end effect, for less the price.
This is my new go to mascara and I must say that I'm impressed by the price and the way it applies Essence just nailed it for me.
Have you tried any essence mascaras before?

SHOP : HERE (SA only)

Price: 5 /5

Packaging: 5/5

Repurchase: Yes

Overall: 5/5

**On Friday will be sharing a face of the week post, you will see then how it applies. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tip Thursday | 3 Top Tips on Applying A Concealer

1. Apply foundation and then concealer

I prefer applying a foundation first then a concealer as this not only helps covering the dark circles underneath my eye area but it also helps with keeping my under eye area bright. 

2. Do not just dab the concealer beneath your eyes, instead draw a triangle

While most of us just apply a tiny coat directly underneath the eye area, the way that I do it is to draw to a triangle with the base *or some sort*.  The triangle method effortlessly camouflages my under eye dark circles and gives me that brightness that I need. 

3. Prime your eyelids with concealer to prevent eye shadow bleeding

I don't need to explain this the heading speaks for itself. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LA Girl HD PRO Concealer | Worth The Hype?

I told you that it was going to be a concealer week, i hope that you have enjoyed every post so far. It's midweek and we are about to finish this week. Yes to that. 

What kind of blogger would I be if I don't review the LA Girl HD PRO Concealer now. Lets us see what it has for us. 

The concealer comes in a tube like container and has a black cap, inside it has some sort of a brush tip which helps in controlling the amount you can use each time. The consistency is thick and creamy which helps blend out the concealer very easily on the skin. 
I bought two shade Almond which was way lighter and Toast which was way darker, but with some chemistry meaning after mixing them both together I got my shade lol * the struggle is real* . I think that I'm fawn or toffee will keep you updated on that. 

Alot of you will kill me on this one but I don't think it is worth the hype as after application you do need to set it with a powder I repeat you do need to set it with a powder which helps with controlling the creasing especially on the under eye area. Is it value for your rand I would say yes as it is only R30 bucks at Clicks and Dischem.

The concealer comes in 21 different shades and that is a benefit to us women of color, it is just that stores will need to stock more darker shades as we are all not toast *yeap I said it*. 

Price: 5/5
R30.00 who would dispute that?

Packaging: 4/5
Compact, travel size, you can squize it and its controllable.

Repurchase: Yes

Overall: 4.5/5

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Essence Cosmetics | Cover Stick Review, Swatch & Try On

Happy Tuesday! I think that this is now turning into concealer week as this is my second post this week reviewing a concealer and tomorrow I have another one.  Today I bring you the Essence Coverstick concealer, let us see what it has in store for us. 
I will begin with the packaging it comes in a shallow card box case, which has a cream colour and it twists up just like a lipstick. It is really light weight, but don’t tempt fate by dropping it. The Essence Coverstick Concealer is really thick (please hear me on this one) When you do a swatch on the skin without any primer then it won’t glide well, but on the picture below I have on a primer and ooh boy where has this concealer been all my life.  The application is easy because the concealer is on a stick. I prefer using a beauty blender with the concealer for blending process to be easy.

The Essence Coverstick Concealer gives you a good medium coverage if you have dark circles like me. The concealer doesn’t crease because it has a matte finish which I love. The concealer lasts for a good 5 – 6 hours, make sure you use a primer that is oil based if you have dry skin like me, and if you have oily skin it should be fine. 
Shop : HERE
Price: 5/5
R43.00 who would dispute that?

Packaging: 3/5
The lipstick form is great but the concealer is thicker than your normal lipstick so the twisting component might break before you finish your concealer

Repurchase: Yes
Overall: 4/5

Monday, April 4, 2016

BornPrettyStore | Let's Contour

Happy Monday everybody, hope that all is off to a great start, sorry there were no blogposts last week I was not feeling well.
Today I have a blog first (I’m doing a lot of firsts because I want us to learn and master this makeup – life thing together) I will be showing you how to contour. As you known by now, the sight BornPrettyStore sent me some of their samples for me to review and I saved the best for last.
Their contour kit which has a retail price of $8.99 includes the contour/colour correcting/highlighting palette, contour brush and their beauty blender. SHOP HERE

The palette is pretty simple to work, it blends quickly and can be used by all people of colour.
The brush is very soft and can be used for application or blending but I prefer to use it on the cheek area and the forehead area as it is quite big for the nose.

The beauty blender as well can be used for application and blending but the beauty blender can be used for almost everything in the face.
The palette applies easily and can last the whole day as it is liquid based, overall I am impressed.

P.S. You can get a 10% discount on all your purchases using the code ZAH10

Price: 5 /5

As you get the palette, the brush and the beauty blender.

Packaging: 4/5
A mirror wouldn’t hurt.

Repurchase: Yes
Overall: 4/5

I hope that you have enjoyed my BornPrettyStore series.
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