Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saturday Chillin | Catching up, Wine & Gossip

Last week I went out with my BFF *do people still use that work BFF lol* Lebo. We got together for a lunch session like we used to do back in the days, when we didn’t have a lot of responsibilities. We got to celebrate my birthday, her birthday, new jobs, old jobs, new members of our families, gossip about people we used to know still know may never know, overall I had fun and yes it has been that long since we last saw each other.
The wine, food & company were great.
Friends come and go but the ones that stay and never leave, those are the ones that turn into family. As we grow older, finding time to chill with friends is golden so if you have a friend that you see on a daily basis, get to catch up on watsapp and *facebook (debatable)* cherish it.
Anywoo enough with the snoggy snoggy business.
Till next time

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