Friday, February 12, 2016

Review | Revlon Pink Happiness First Love

Revlon Pink Happiness First Love EDT 50ml (R249)
A girl is always pretty in pink and the *Revlon Pink Happiness First Love EDT 50ml (R249) just puts the cherry on top of that cake. The perfume is said to have been inspired by a summer in the French country side, where one cycles through the orchards and picking 
cherries (how romantic is that).
The scent is really lightweight which is perfect for summer as people usually don't like to wear scents that are heavier side (as you can tell by the bottle that I have been using it quite frequently). The notes that you will get from the perfume consists of tart cherries, juicy apples and creamy coconut (just thought that I should add this for those that are fragrance specific). 
The question is why do I love it so much, well the answer is pretty simple it is pink and pink brings me happiness. This fragrance fun and whimsical and women from the ages of 20 and up will enjoy it and love it because of that youthful vibrance it gives,



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