Monday, August 31, 2015

Goodbye Winter | Goodbye Sadness

Hi guys, I have not been blogging for a while sorry for that I know that as I blogger I need to have consistency and I have been failing on that. I have been lacking consistency with my weight loss, work wise, school and friendships; hence my blogging suffers as well. 
I would like to apologize for that as I have been working on myself, I have been searching and questioning myself with the goals and things that I would like to achieve, to cut the story short I will be more consistent and post on the regular. How do you guys deal with being consistent, does it come easy or do you battle with it as well?

Saturday, August 8, 2015

August Wish List | Online Shopping

August Wish List - InOutandAroundSoweto

1. Yardley Whip Mousse Foundation Caramel 2. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Color - Urban Coral 3. Cala Eyelash & Brow Brush 4. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Color - Clear Shine 5. Samsung DV180F Digital Camera White

Hey guys hope that August has been good to you. It has been rather hot in Soweto for the past two days, I hope that the warm weather stays and spring is finally greeting us. I have been lusting over a few products lately and I must say my style when it comes to make-up and choices on nail colors has been improving over the past few months. I'm loving the neutral shades and a bit, just a bit of color every now and then, plus that lipstick  at random. 

You can shop for the following products : HERE -

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