Saturday, March 28, 2015

(REVIEW) Aspire Essence eau de toilette

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, this is my first fragrance review it will be based on what I've heard of the product and what I've experienced, if you like reviews like these please don't forget to like or comment below. 
Here it goes!!!
Aspire Essence eau de toilette 
In July/August 2014 Avon launched the fragrance Aspire Essence eau de toilette which fruity fragrance with top notes of pear and mandrin, and is combined in a floral heart and base notes which include cedar wood, amber and vanilla.(Just thought I should add this for those that that are fragrance specific)

I like most of the Avon perfumes that they have released and the Aspire Essence eau de toilette is one of them. The perfume lasts a good while on my skin but is never too strong or overpowering.
Aspire Essence eau de toilette
The bottle I have is part of a Aspire Essence set - a 50ml size and is a spray bottle.Overall, a lovely fragrance that is rich yet never overwhelming.  Do give it a try if you love warm sweet scents.
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