Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Soweto, South Africa


2020 hasn't been great for my feed and blog as the content was on 
a downward spiral, but haha Blogtober really challenged me to 
wear my big girl boots and just do this blogging/content creation thing and 
you know what I missed and I loved it.

So December 2020 is here South Africa is still in Lockdown Level 1 but the 
restrictions are not that bad, plus it's summer so the rigidness is gone
making people myself included have a bit more fun with other kids. 
2020 has been hella depressing, the amount of opportunities haven't been that great 
but we push through because I'm in this blogging business for a long run. 

I'm planning to share more content even more on my Instagram and to do that
I've decided to participate on the Capturing December Challenge were one captures 
a pic daily and upload it using the word of that day as a guide line, this challenge is supposed to be fun and is meant to be enjoyed. 
So if you want to part take in it, you can kindly check out my Instagram. 

In addition to Capturing December I'm doing Blogmas because I love Christmas
and anything other than me posting and creating content this December 
will put in a depression, so create create create, that is the plan. 
Blogmas is 25 days of 25 posts mostly Christmas related and it is also 
supposed to be fun no stress here because sharing your traditions is fun and 
from what I gather everyone celebrates Christmas different and ooh the food on Christmas Day, 
I cannot wait. 

So I hope you enjoy the content that I have instore for you 
and make sure that you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel because
I'm planning on uploading there also, just not vlogs just regular content. 

See you soon. 



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