Thursday, November 12, 2020


Soweto, South Africa

Hope your day is going well. The word is out Ingrams has a new range in town, 
todays post is all about unboxing their pr drop and also sharing some 
of the product claims with you. 

What is Ingrams saying about the product?

Not everyone’s skin is the same, the one-size-fits-all solution is a thing of the past. Whether your
skin is dry, normal or sensitive, everyone needs skincare products suited to the skin they’re in. That’s
where Ingram’s comes in. They have extended their range of functional creams and lotions to
include three new innovative, practical, affordable and on-trend variants – Sensitive, Hemp and

The functions: 

Ingram’s Sensitive cream and lotion:
:are enriched with moisturising glycerine and cetomacrogol.
Sensitive skin is more common than most people think, in fact over 40% of the world’s population
report that they have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is prone to itching and irritation and needs gentle
care. People with sensitive skin, may have strong reactions to chemicals, dyes and fragrances
present in products that come into contact with the skin. Ingram’s Sensitive cream and lotion are
fragrance- and colourant-free, while soothing and offering immediate relief and moisturisation to
irritated, sensitive skin. The cream and lotion are non-greasy, fast absorbing and leaves skin calmed
and moisturised for 48 hours.

Ingram’s Hemp Oil cream and lotion:
have intensively nourishing formulations, enriched with a
blend of omega 3 and 6 and organic hemp seed oil, which is extracted from organic hemp seeds
through cold pressing and filtration. This unique formulation nourishes, soothes and repairs dry to
very dry skin while instantly moisturising it. The cream and lotion are non-greasy, fast absorbing and
leaves skin deeply moisturised for 72 hours.

Ingram’s Rooibos cream and lotion:
have rich, restoring formulations, enriched with a special blend
of locally sourced rooibos extract, antioxidants and vitamin E. Rooibos contains unique antioxidants,
enzymes and compounds that improve elasticity and help skin look youthful and radiant. The fast
absorbing, non-greasy cream is formulated to deliver 72-hour moisturisation while the fast
absorbing, non-greasy lotion provides 48-hour moisturisation.

Ingram’s brand manager, Venus-Gene Jackson says "Ingram’s aims to evolve with their customers and with the latesttrends. “We want to ensure that Ingram’s continues to bring all South Africans natural, nourishingskincare that is both affordable and innovative.” 
The three new variants complement the existing
 Camphor, Moisture Plus, Tissue Oil and Men’sranges.

Final words: 
I've seen an american vlogger using a product similar to the Ingrams Hemp lotion,
 but it was ridiculously expensive
and let's not get started with the shipping headache. The Ingram’s Hemp Lotion is one
that I'm gravitating towards because it smells great, feels good to the skin and it is cost friendly 
my baby will then use the Sensitive Lotion because of it's fragrance free benefit 
and the Rooibos Cream will be for the family (p.s.we are big on rooibos). 
I will continue using the products and will share with you my 
final thoughts on a Favs & Not post coming soon. 


Recommended Retail Selling Price:
Sensitive Cream: R54.99
Sensitive Lotion: R39.99
Hemp & Rooibos Creams: R68.99
Hemp & Rooibos Lotions: R49.99


See you soon. 



(*thank you IngramsSA for sending me the products)

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