Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The R32 Brow Pencil That Will Save Your Brow Routine | Blogtober Day 14

Soweto, South Africa

Yeap you read the correct title, today I'm talking about a brow pencil
but not just any brow pencil a brow pencil that has saved 
my brow more times that once and it is the Essence Eyebrow Designer shade Brown 02

I bought this pencil as a back-up to a back up because
I just need to have more than one just in case one goes missing 
or something. 
I bought this before I began #projectpan2020 and I must say 
that I seriously needed to stop buying because seriously 
back-up to a back-up 

3 Things That I Like from This Brow Pencil

1. The price, even though when I began buying it, the price was under
R20 I'm still not complaining because it carries a lot of product. 

2. The shade to skin, matches my brow lashes really well. 

3. The application, applies really well and depending on how much you
would like to "pigment" you want in the brow it can go lighter
to dark in a sec. 

One thing that I don't enjoy about the brow pencil is that you will 
need to re-apply often especially in the tail. 
Tip, set it with a brow setting gel and clean the brows with a concealer
or foundation and thank me later. 

See my previous YouTube Posts, using the brow pencil. 


Hope you enjoyed the post of me hyping up a brow pencil. 

See you soon. 



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