Friday, October 23, 2020

I'm TIRED (Lets Catch-up Again) | Blogtober Day 23

Soweto, South Africa


The excitement of throwing a new post everyday is wearing me down, I'm not out of ideas
just the steam of trying to keep the content coming daily is a stress,
 plus I have anxiety of it's extra stress (lol). 
I need to start bulk creating but that is also a job on it's own but this will 
be a good challenge for November and December content I guess. 

Tomorrow I'm going to funeral, there is just something heavy that comes with the stress
of going to a funeral but saying goodbye to our close loved one's is something 
we don't take for granted especially during these times.

The plan for this weekend is to create content and but I doubt 
anything will happen since I need to spend the whole Saturday in my feelings, and the Sunday 
having a major babalazi because Saturday after tears. 
I tell you guys funerals are heavy and one or two drinks after the whole thing helps. 

Anywho this is a filler post for Friday because I challenged myself that I 
will blog the whole of this month and I will do just that. 

See you tomorrow. 



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