Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Your Ultimate Load Shedding Starter Kit

Soweto, South Africa

Hey guys, winter is far from over and taking notes from 2019 Load shedding 
is not going anywhere anytime soon, so I compiled a list of essentials that
I currently use that make my life a bit easier during power breaks and 
having had to go 3 weeks without electricity well, I could say being
without electricity is my game. (Thanks Eskom)

Source of Heat

Gas stove - Totai 03/T300A-BB 4 Burner Gas Stove - R1999.00

Gas heater - Logik Roll About 3 Panel Gas Heater LM1105 - R1,099.00

Fireplace ( I prefer a wood burning one and the one pictured doubles as a stove, take that Winter)
HomeFires Freestanding Farm Stove - R4,499.00

Coal stove with proper ventilation

Coal stove without proper ventilation aka Imbawula (even the homemade one is okay you just need to be careful with it, so before going to bed you need 
to take this one out of the house as the coal fumes can be dangerous, this one I would say use out doors). 

Matches - Lion Matches (10 x 10's) - R52.00

Source of light

Candles - 20cm Tapered Candles 10pk - R49.00

Rechargeable light - Campmaster Rechargable Emergency Light R149,00

R100 cellphone torche - Energizer Rubber Torch - R129.00

Source of energy

Always having your phone on atleat 80% charged always. 
Powerbanks need to be on full
Laptops and moderms need to be on 100% full

If you can afford:

Solar power - Sun King Home 120 - Solar Powerer Light System. Power Bank, And Usb. R 2,755.00

Generator -  Ryobi 650 W 2-Stroke Petrol Generator - R 1,999.00

Solar power powerbank (not sure about the power output in these)

If you can slurge

An inverter 
(If you are working from home you might need this one but you will have to do
 research yourself as they are complicated) 

p.s. I don't have everything on this list however I thought that
I should create one as when the light turns off panic sets in
and with my anxiety having lists and pictures helps.

See You Soon.



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